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  • Getting to Know BONECUTTERS

    Over 25 years ago, Eric Bonecutter created Bonecutter Trading Co to carry on the work his family had dedicated their lives to for over four generations. Working with a handful of skilled Navajo silversmiths, Bonecutter Trading Co creates jewelry inspired by the classic styles of the 1930’s and 40’s, known for deep stamp work in […]

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  • Mattia Cielo: Jewelry of the Future

    Designer Mattia Cielo has stepped into the future of jewelry.  Incorporating ideas from aerospace to micro-mechanics, Cielo focuses on creating pieces that are ergonomic and dynamic, utilizing movement and flexibility.  He achieves this feat of engineering using a titanium core, allowing for both tensility and strength.  However, he does not consider jewelry as merely technical. In […]

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  • Rebecca Overmann: Thoughtful Design and Craftsmanship

    The Squash Blossom in Vail Village now features San Francisco jewelry designer Rebecca Overmann. Rebecca Overmann’s jewelry is both simple and unique, showcasing high-quality metals and hand-selected gemstones.  A team of highly-skilled artisans carefully crafts each piece of jewelry in her San Francisco studio. She says, “While I’ve had the honor of working with many fine […]

  • Gemstones
  • Labradorite: What’s that Stone?

    Many people point out pieces of jewelry in our store and ask, “what’s that stone?”  More often than not, the answer is labradorite–a lesser known stone with mystical personality. Labradorite has the tendency to catch people’s eye because of its curious bluish-grey color and flashes of blue and green.  The play of color has been appropriately deemed “labradorescence”, […]

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  • Sarah Graham Metalsmithing: Back to Nature

    Last winter, jewelry designer Sarah Graham made a move as bold as her jewelry line.  Growing restless in her current studio location, San Francisco, she headed to Colorado in search of inspiration.  What she intended to be a temporary retreat in the mountains turned into a significant life-change. “I decided to take some time to indulge in wanderlust with […]