Getting to Know LENA SKADEGARD

Lena Skadegard Jewelry Winter
Lena Skadegard is a world traveler whose painterly sense of color and simple design make her one of a kind jewelry pieces incredibly wearable.
SB:  Describe the first piece of jewelry you made that you were proud of.
LS:  Two emerald 22k pinky rings – I never take them off!
SB:  Was there a turning point in your life that led you to jewelry design?
LS:  Taking a year off from work with cottage industry textiles to learn off grid sustainable agriculture on the Big Island (Hawaii) for 6 months  – in a wonderfully circuitous way – living in a screen hut in the jungle & working on a farm led me to jewelry & India &  – but it’s a loooong story – it simply delivered me to the next creative endeavor.SB:  Who is a fellow jewelry designer that you admire?  Why?
LS:  Lou Zeldis, who sadly passed away. His humanity & talent.SB:  Name 5 things that you could not live without.
LS:  Good reading, black tea, handmade leather riding boots, the Danish silver & gold ring that my sister gave me (I always wear it when I need a bit of courage), and absolutely my fiance’s voice  – he’s an amazing composer & folk singer.SB:  What other career would you pursue if you did not design jewelry?
LS:  Definitely painting – my first love.SB:  Is there a piece that you sold that you wish you had kept for yourself?
LS:  I have kept them for myself! I’m always nicking pieces from the collection.
SB:  Describe a dream design that you haven’t made yet.
LS:   …Still on the drawing board….but definitely inspired by the Native American squash blossom necklace.
SB: Finish this statement: When I’m not making/designing jewelry, I am…
LS:  Walking – usually in Hyde Park or Lodhi Gardens – imagining the next collection.SB:  What do you consider to be your greatest achievement to date?
LS:  Oh all of the little endeavors that lead to the big ones…SB:  Name your most treasured possession.
LS:  My fathers gold signet ring- it has my parents initials R & J beautifully & ornately engraved.SB:  What is your motto?
LS:  Tea keeps you fit! (actually  from a vintage poster I found in India :)SB:  Who is a historical figure that you identify with and why?
LS:  My best friend Mara – she will be a historical figure one day. Beyond that – there are many & all are strong women

Stephen Webster Jewelry: A Revolutionary Experience

stephen webster jewelry diamonds

British revolutionary, Stephen Webster, credits the United States for his success as a jewelry designer.

 Stephen Webster jewelry has been edgy and bold from the start, but it was American enthusiasm for his daring creations that skyrocketed him to jewelry fame.

This spring, Webster showed exemplary character when he flew a group of emerging British designers to Couture in Las Vegas.  Couture is the renowned, industry only, jewelry show where designers and retailers converge from all over the globe to see, show and be wowed.  Webster started out at Couture in a barely visible booth under the escalators, wearing the same purple suit for many years.  Now he has a whole ballroom to himself, and this year, he gave the front half to these up and coming designers.  The whole event was a hit.

Webster’s style is unexpected, as his imagination knows no limitations.  His designs run the gamut from undersea creatures to his take on art deco.   They always show his unmistakable edginess and dynamic use of color.

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