Federica Rettore: Inspired by Nature


“Luxury coupled with taste is beautiful.”

– Federica Rettore

Italian designer Federica Rettore does not find interest in making jewelry that is traditional or cute.  Rather, she is passionate about transforming her life experiences into wearable sculptures.

Handmade wide 18kt rose gold and sterling silver African Zebu horn cuff with diamonds and aquamarine, available at the Squash Blossom.

This philosophy explains her incredibly unique style, and her pieces that clearly reflect the world around her.

Federica Rettore has a background in sculpture and considers each piece of jewelry a “small sculpture to wear and never take off.” Her cuffs especially, made of Zebu horn, are unique pieces of art that set Rettore apart from other designers.  “Each has it’s own story,” she said in an interview, “And for those who wear these cuffs too. Due to nuances in the natural horn patterns, each piece is one of a kind and so each customer has a piece like no other.”

Coral-inspired carved labradorite drop earrings in 18kt rose gold and diamond detail, available at the Squash Blossom.

One of a kind pieces are Rettore’s specialty.  Many of her pieces may look similar but have variations in the stones or other materials used.  She is known for heat-treating steal and shaping it into pieces inspired by nature, including mollusk shells and peach pits.  The, ocean in particular, inspires her.

Rettore spends every August with her family on the island of Sardinia.  Here, she draws inspiration from natural materials such as coral, sea-worn rock, and mollusks.  “We spend many hours of the day on our boat enjoying the rock formations of the sea walls,” she said,

Flame-worked steel and 18kt rose gold “peach pit” pendant with cognac diamonds, available at the Squash Blossom.

“In the evening, as the sun sets, the sky turns a beautiful shade of gold and red.  The stone walls around the sea glow with color.”

Her jewelry reflects the dynamic colors and textures in and around the ocean.  As a jewelry designer, she aims to do more than make jewelry that’s merely fashionable or pretty.  “How can we frame the sound of the sea? How can we tie to the finger the joy of living? Or how can we . . . make out of each jewel a perfect match with art and nature?” These deeper questions lead Rettore to create elegant, original pieces that women can treasure their entire lives.

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This story was also published in the Vail Daily.

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