Final First Friday of 2017: December ArtWalk

As the year comes to a close, we have just one more First Friday ArtWalk before the New Year!  We are proud to feature two local artists during our December ArtWalk: painter Laurel Bahe and woodworker Keoni.  Additionally, we are excited to welcome our new jewelry line, Indiri.

An ArtWalk veteran, Laurel Bahe is a retired accountant and self-described “Owloholic.”  The first step of her paintings is to stalk the owls that live in Monument Valley Creek.  She likes to ride her bike and take photographs of owls, though she confesses the owls she paints often bear little resemblance to the owls in photographs.  This freedom is part of her creative process. She says her paintings are, “bright, whimsical, wacky, and wild.”  Her paintings are in graffiti style, using stencils, stamps, and spray paint to achieve her signature look.  She paints owls in various sizes.  The ones of the 5×7 variety, she is so skilled at creating, that she can even paint them from the passenger seat of a car on a cross-country road trip!

We are thrilled to host woodworker Keoni in his first of our ArtWalks.  He will be doing a demonstration of his wood burning.  His wood pieces are re-imagined as woven and beaded basketry.  Inspired by Native American legends and mythology, he strives to use storytelling imagery.  Each of his pieces are decorated on both the front and back, creating a spectacular piece on both sides.   His tools are a lathe, fire, and ink.  He begins his process with a sketch and then spins a block of maple wood on a lathe.  Next, he uses concentric rings and lines to create his design, which is then hand carved and inked.  Each individual piece can have over 40,000+ individual cuts and color cells!

The Indiri Collection features handcrafted sterling silver from the island of Bali. The artisans who make these pieces learn the ancient techniques that have been passed down through generations.  Each piece is Fair Trade and supports independent artisans.

After our December ArtWalk, there will not be another ArtWalk until April, so you will not want to miss this amazing last ArtWalk of the season!  Get some of your Christmas shopping done, interact with local artists, and enjoy free refreshments.  We hope to see you in Old Colorado City on Friday, December 1 from 5-8 PM.


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