Getting to Know CARLA AMORIM

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Inspired by the music, architecture, and nature of Brazil, Carla Amorim jewelry is bold & feminine in all of the right ways.  Her impeccably crafted collection transports us to a world beyond ourselves, and explores texture in unique and challenging ways.  Your first piece of Carla Amorim jewelry will transform your whole wardrobe.


SB:  Describe the first piece of jewelry you made that you were proud of.
CA:  My first piece of jewelry designed by me was a Ring, which I named Brasilia, for it reminded me my home town seen from a plane

brasilia ring

SB:  Was there a turning point in your life that led you to jewelry design?
CA:  Yes. I had a severe depression and I decided then that a shift was necessary. That was the beginning of a new life to me.

SB:  Who is a fellow jewelry designer that you admire?  Why?
CA:  I like Sevan! His aesthetic is very different from mine, it´s very east oriented, and I love to admire another point of view.

SB:  Name 5 things that you could not live without.

  • Faith
  • Family
  • Food
  • Beach
  • Work


SB:  What other career would you pursue if you did not design jewelry?
CA:  I´d be in retail, selling beautiful things. Homeware probably.

SB:  Is there a piece that you sold that you wish you had kept for yourself?
CA:  I guess not…Part of the fun of designing jewelry is being part of somebody else´s life.

SB:  Describe a dream design that you haven’t made yet.
CA:  Easy question!! Every new design I make is a dream come true.

SB:  Finish this statement: When I’m not making/designing jewelry, I am…
CA:  Either eating or sleeping!! lol

carla and kids

SB:  What do you consider to be your greatest achievement to date?
CA:  Raising my kids

SB:  Name your most treasured possession.
CA:  My family!

SB:  What is your motto?
CA:  Work hard and God will bless you

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