Getting to know IRENE NEUWIRTH

Irene Neuwirth, the famed jewelry designer who has captured the hearts of everyday people and celebrities alike, is known for her creative use of colorful gemstones and fanciful settings.  On any red carpet, you are sure to see some of her pieces.  To get to know her on a personal level a little better, we got this exclusive interview with her in 2014.

SB: Describe the first piece of jewelry you made that you were proud of.
IN:  My 9 drops. Still a classic.
Blue tourmaline ring with 18kt rose gold, available at the Squash Blossom.
SB:  Was there a turning point in your life that led you to jewelry design?
IN:  Yes. When my family sat me down to explain to me that reaching horseback riding was not going to be my future.
SB:  Is there a piece that you sold that you wish you had kept for yourself?
IN:   Yes. My favorite opal necklace.

Green tourmaline bracelet in 18kt yellow gold, available at the Squash Blossom.

SB:  Describe a dream design that you haven’t made yet.

IN:Carved horse necklace. I mean… Why not? It is the year of the horse!

SB:  What other career would you pursue if you did not design jewelry?
IN:  Wow. I don’t know. I really love what I do and feel so incredibly lucky and happy!

SB:  What do you consider to be your greatest achievement to date?
IN:   Ooh. That’s a tough one. Being nominated for a CFDA [Council of Fashion Designers of America] award.

SB:  Name your most treasured possession.
IN:   My Labradoodle. He feels like more of my family though than a possession.
Blue and green tourmaline earrings with white diamonds in 18kt yellow gold, available at the Squash Blossom.

SB:  Name 5 things that you could not live without.

  1. My Labradoodle teddy
  2. My facials with Cristina Radu
  3. My dear friends
  4. My career
  5. My wonderful home
SB:  Finish this statement: When I’m not making/designing jewelry, I am…
IN:   Cooking, spending time with friends, walking dog, reading…
SB:  What is your motto?
IN:    Work hard… Nothing comes easy!
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