The Squash Blossom recently began carrying Rebecca Overmann Jewelry.

Rebecca Overmann designs a line of daily-wear, thoughtfully handcrafted jewelry out of San Francisco.  In order for our followers to get to know her better, we got this exclusive interview.

SQUASH BLOSSOM:  Thanks for taking the time to answer some questions.  Can you describe the first piece of jewelry you made that you were truly proud of?

REBECCA OVERMANN:  This is my favorite bracelet!




SB:  Who is a fellow jewelry designer that you admire?

RO:  Thomas Mann.

SB:  Name 5 things that you could not live without.

RO:   Coffee, wine, my dogs, jewelry, pizza.

SB:   What other career would you pursue if you did not design jewelry?

RO:  Private investigator.

SB:  Is there a piece that you sold that you wish you had kept for yourself?

RO:  The second pair of earrings I ever made. I sold them to my teacher but I miss them.

SB:   Describe a dream design that you haven’t made yet.

RO:  It’s a secret . . . wait and see!

SB:   Finish this statement:  “When I’m not making/designing jewelry, I am . . .”

RO:  Drinking wine and eating pizza.

SB:  What do you consider to be your greatest achievement to date?

RO:  Growing a business–starting by myself sitting at a bench, and growing into a team of the finest people I know.

Learn more about Rebecca Overmann on our blog. Shop our current collection of her jewelry on our website.

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