Getting to Know TODD REED


Todd Reed is a Colorado designer who has championed a movement he calls “Raw Elegance.”

Setting one of a kind naturally colored diamonds in recycled metals, he has been a master of innovation in his Boulder studio for over 20 years.  He gave us this exclusive interview.

SQUASH BLOSSOM:  Was there a turning point in your life that led you to jewelry design?

TODD REED:  I got deep into jewelry design while making leather clothing in Durango, Colorado. I loved making something that someone was going to buy and wear and love and talk about. It was and still is a great feeling.

SB: Describe the first piece of jewelry you made that you were proud of.

TR:  I remember loving this bracelet so much that I made for Krista Messina. This was 1994, maybe. Silver, turquoise, Navajo-style with bezel set cabochons on the piece. Wide tapered cuff.  I really loved that piece.

18 karat rose gold ring with naturally colored diamonds by Todd Reed, available at the Squash Blossom.
18 karat rose gold ring with naturally colored diamonds by Todd Reed, available at the Squash Blossom.

SB:  Is there a piece that you sold that you wish you had kept for yourself?

TR:  I do not get upset when I sell a piece. I am happy to get the piece into the hands of the true and rightful owner.

SB:  What other career would you pursue if you did not design jewelry?

TR:  If I did not make jewelry I would simply design small objects, make art, design architecture, spend more time with family, and play more golf.

SB:  What do you consider to be your greatest achievement to date?

TR:   My greatest achievement to date has been the creation of my fabulous daughter. But in the realm of my jewelry business, I’m most excited about building such a unique and innovative company.

Todd Reed’s studio in Boulder, CO.

SB:  Name your most treasured possession.

TR:   My most treasured possession is my home.

SB:  Finish this statement:  “When I’m not making/designing jewelry, I am . . . ”

TR:   When I am not designing jewelry, I am running the company, spending time with my family or getting outside.

SB:  Who is a historical figure that you identify with?

TR:  I like Henry Ford.  I like when he said, “If I asked people what they wanted, they would have asked for a faster horse.”  I think being an innovator is a great honor and the field of innovation is so fertile, I connect in this way to these other innovators.

SB:  What is your motto?

TR:   If I used a motto it would be something like “Go with passion.”

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