Give the Gift of Creation with Earth Below Sky

The Squash Blossom’s very own designer and master jeweler, Elisabeth Soscia can help you give the gift of a one-of-a-kind creation.  Elisabeth designs her own jewelry line featured here at the Squash Blossom, Earth Below Sky Creations. Additionally, she does jewelry repair and restoration for customers of the gallery. Have a favorite piece you’re thinking of bringing new life to? Ask Elisabeth for her expertise.  Custom design is a large part of Earth Below Sky, so if you are interested in creating a custom piece or are given a family heirloom this Christmas that just doesn’t fit, Elisabeth can help.

“Most customers who come to me for custom design are searching for a unique bridal set or they have been gifted or inherited a piece that just isn’t their style, so the jewelry just ends up sitting unworn in their jewelry box. I first set up an appointment to sit down with a client one-on-one to look over pieces to see if stones are in good, usable condition and can safely be removed from existing settings.  We talk about what kind of jewelry they love and wear the most.  If they have no idea, I usually ask them to create a Pinterest board of things they have seen that appeal to them so they can share this with me for inspiration. Then from these ideas, I generate a few different possibilities of options I might have for new designs of their piece,” Elisabeth says.

Her love of jewelry design began back in high school, but she has been interested in design her whole life. She says, “From a very young age I was always interested in crafting and weaving, anything I could do with my hands.  During high school, a jewelry design and fabrication class was offered through the art department.  I took my first class my freshman year and instantly became hooked, so I found a way to continue taking the class the rest of high school as an independent study. During this class we took a tour of the Metalsmithing and Jewelry Design department at the School for American Craftsman based out of Rochester Institute of Technology. I knew immediately I wanted to keep going with jewelry and see where it would take me.”

Jewelry has taken her a long way. Elisabeth has worked with two prolific designers: Todd Reed and Barbara Heinrich.  Her own jewelry company first began in 2001, but it was very part time while she worked for other artists and raised her family.  Now with a thriving company, she finds happiness in working one-on-one with a customer to create the piece of their dreams.  “I really love working with clients to create a unique piece created especially for them.  It is an almost magical feeling being able to make a person’s wishes come true.  I find it adds a very personal element for clients to be able to tell their family and friends their new creation was custom designed and hand fabricated especially for them! Something you cannot say very often in today’s disposable culture,” she says.

Her company name, Earth Below Sky Creations, shares her initials and is a metaphor for the creative process.  The name came to her on her way to her first gem show in Tucson, Arizona.  She envisions the sky being full of ideas for artists and designers and it is the creator’s job to bring these ideas to fruition here on earth.  If you have an idea for the perfect piece of jewelry, let Elisabeth help you bring it to life. You can usually find her in the gallery Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays from 10-2:30.  Additional times available by appointment.

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