Gurhan Jewelry: Turkish Transcendence

Gurhan Jewelry

“There’s a long history between the Squash Blossom and Gurhan’s outrageous displays of 24 karat gold and vibrant colored jewels…”

“It was 1997 when Gurhan had his first showing Vail with us,” says Squash Blossom owner Patti Cogswell, “Gurhan’s superb craftsmanship, unique designs and boldness makes him a perfect fit as our premier jeweler.”  The collection offered at the Squash Blossom continues to display one of the widest varieties of one of a kind Gurhan jewelry pieces available in any one location in the United States.

Gurhan’s passion for jewelry design began with a chance encounter when he purchased a small piece of 24K gold at Istanbul’s famous Grand Bazaar.  He marveled at the wondrous metal and a passion for the art of jewelry design emerged.  Gurhan rediscovered the ancient techniques of jewelry design and created new techniques and tools which make the 24 karat gold stronger than previously considered.

“Every life is a series of stories spun of emotions and memory, actions and dreams.”   Transcending time and trends, Gurhan makes jewelry with the transformative power to make a woman feel more beautiful.   Instead of sketching ideas, Gurhan creates his art based on the woman herself.  He imagines how the handmade creation will fit the woman. “I have to imagine a woman-her neck, her style, her bearing-to really be able to turn simple gold and stones into jewelry,” Gurhan explains.




Gurhan jewelry can be seen on some of the most beautiful and famous women in the world such as Angelina Jolie, Kate Hudson and Gwyneth Paltrow.  His editorial work has been featured in top international fashion magazines.  The Metropolitan Museum of Art has commissioned him to create museum quality jewelry for their esteemed traveling exhibition.

“Gurhan jewelry speaks of elegance, sophistication and exemplifies beauty,” says Patti Cogswell.

The passion and individuality is eloquently evident in every piece Gurhan creates.   A woman who desires, purchases and wears a Gurhan masterpiece will marvel in the feel of the beauty and the connection between designer and art.



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