Hilde Leiss: Form and Beauty

Hilde Leiss is an internationally known jewelry designer and gallerist.  Her gallery in Hamburg, Germany features many different types of art, particularly jewelry, and has made her internationally recognized.

Professor Dr. Wilhelm Hornborstel from the Museum für Kunst & Gewerbe (Museum for Arts and Crafts) in Hamburg describes Leiss as, “a person who lives in the real world, is charming, straightforward, openhearted, unpretentious, and bubbling with practical energy.”  Her jewelry reflects that energy, full of life and color.

Her rings, which are made of sterling silver, 18 karat gold, and a rainbow of colorful gemstones, are the perfect statement pieces for everyday.  They are big, bold and beautiful without being busy. “For many years rigor, clarity and the avoidance of fussy ornamentation in her designs have been her trademarks,” says Dr. Hornborstel, “She takes as gospel the belief that clarity represents the truth in art.  The aesthetic power and beauty of Hilde Leiss’s jewelry lends it a timelessness which forms the perfect antidote to the confusion of different styles which proliferate today.”

Hilde Leiss cabochon lavender chalcedony ring, available at the Squash Blossom.

Leiss takes simple design concepts and highlights them.  She is passionate about uniting apparent contrasts.  Dr. Hornborstel concludes, “‘Forma et subilitas’– form and beauty… Appropriate words indeed to describe Hilde Leiss’s ascetic, yet extremely expressive jewelry.  The ephemeral and the permanent, experimentation and durability–these are contrasts apparently reconciled almost effortlessly by Hilde Leiss.”

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