Mattia Cielo: Jewelry of the Future

Designer Mattia Cielo has stepped into the future of jewelry.  Incorporating ideas from aerospace to micro-mechanics, Cielo focuses on creating pieces that are ergonomic and dynamic, utilizing movement and flexibility.  He achieves this feat of engineering using a titanium core, allowing for both tensility and strength.  However, he does not consider jewelry as merely technical.

Sketch of Mattia Cielo 18k gold and diamond titanium-core bracelet.

In a “philosophical manifesto” for his jewelry, Cielo states that his jewelry is, “A tangible expression of thought. Made of stone and metal, of synthesis and poetry.  Of instrument elements which interpret and portray life.”  Going beyond object, Cielo transforms his pieces into “word and sign.”

And he does not do it alone.  From the synthesis of his company, Cielo has designed with partner Massimiliano (Max) Bonoli.  Together, they drew inspiration from the industry’s lack of modern, avant-garde jewelry.  In an interview with JewelryIcon, Cielo described,  “We were immediately intrigued by movement and industrial design applied to jewelry.  We believe that it is possible to revolutionize the jewelry world, taking it to the third millennium. . . Jewels are the most human of man’s creations.  They are symbolic signs for our feelings, an external messages of who we are.”

Cielo has dedicated his life to these signs and messages. He aims for women to be able to express their femininity and personality through his jewelry in the present time, and in the future.  The flexibility of his jewelry reflects that.  “We live in a moving age,” he said, “We move in space, globalization, time, and the web.”  His brand, like his jewelry and like his philosophy, keeps moving forward.  Not only does he wish to continue with designing and creating jewelry, he feels strongly that he must.

Sketch of Mattia Cielo multi-strand diamond ring in 18k rose gold.

When asked about how his love and obsession with jewelry began, Cielo said, “It is a destiny, a call that you must embrace.”  His jewelry represents how he has embraced his calling so fully, and inspires his many admirers to do the same.

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