Raw Beauty: Jewelry by Todd Reed

A true pioneer in the jewelry industry, Todd Reed’s collections have re-defined luxury jewelry.  A lifelong artisan, Todd first dabbled in clothing, furniture, leatherwork, sculpture, painting, and even the culinary arts. Eventually, his path fortuitously crossed with a well-known diamond collector.  When speaking with a newspaper, he said, “He completely took me under his wing.  His love for diamonds was infectious, and he showed me the artistry and miniature sculpture that appeared in the rough stones.  I was riveted and wanted to know and see more.  I realized that my aesthetic was to create jewelry that would push the boundaries of what precious pieces could be, and to merge the freedom of artistic expression with the allure of fine jewelry.”

Todd Reed specializes in the use of raw diamonds and environmentally sustainable material.  Raw diamonds are the fastest growing industry within jewelry, largely because of the work done by Todd.  As he started drawing critical acclaim, he challenged the idea of what we consider precious.  He wants each of his pieces to have character.  When talking to a newspaper in Houston, he said, “When something is so glossy and perfect it doesn’t even exist. The cracks and fissures are what gives us character.”  Like in life, the raw diamonds have character and celebrate the perceived “flaws” of diamonds in their natural state.

If you love supporting Colorado designers, Todd Reed is as local as they come.  His studio space is located in Boulder, Colorado and he went to high school in Colorado Springs.  Whether you are looking for alternative wedding bands, a perfect piece to stand out in your jewelry collection, or a head start on a holiday gift for a special someone, the Squash Blossom has the perfect Todd Reed piece for you.

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