Sarah Graham Metalsmithing: Back to Nature

Last winter, jewelry designer Sarah Graham made a move as bold as her jewelry line.  Growing restless in her current studio location, San Francisco, she headed to Colorado in search of inspiration.  What she intended to be a temporary retreat in the mountains turned into a significant life-change.

“I decided to take some time to indulge in wanderlust with my family this [past] winter. I allowed myself to ‘get lost’ in nature, and in no time at all, inspiration found me!”  Graham said.  Shortly after her time in the mountains, Graham decided to move to Colorado permanently.  She now resides just outside of Aspen.  “Spending time with my family, and time in the outdoors, has given me a chance to develop a new and innovative collection.”

Sarah Graham Aspen earrings, available by special order at the Squash  Blossom.
Sarah Graham Aspen earrings, available by special order at the Squash Blossom.

The stark contrast of the spots on the bark of aspen trees inspired her new collection, the appropriately titled “Aspen” line. Working in 18 karat yellow, white, and rose gold, as well as her signature blackened cobalt chrome, “Aspen” seeks to reflect the same color variations as the trees that are so plentiful in Colorado.

“The quiet, yet magnificent, glory of the Aspen tree overwhelmed me,” Graham reflected, “The beauty of the Aspen tree gets more intense with time. It can only be obtained by years of growth and exposure to the elements. As with my own journey, the beauty of my jewelry increases with time and exposure to life.”

Sarah Graham Aspen ring, available by special order at the Squash Blossom.

Graham’s life-inspired designs and textures highlight how beauty, in its many forms, can be found all around us.  Her innovative use of metals blends nature with creativity, giving her fans and collectors from all over the country, and especially from Colorado, much to look forward to as she continues to stretch herself as an artist.

See her current collection at the Squash Blossom or visit her website,

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