Rebecca Overmann: Thoughtful Design and Craftsmanship

The Squash Blossom in Vail Village now features San Francisco jewelry designer Rebecca Overmann.

Rebecca Overmann’s jewelry is both simple and unique, showcasing high-quality metals and hand-selected gemstones.  A team of highly-skilled artisans carefully crafts each piece of jewelry in her San Francisco studio. She says, “While I’ve had the honor of working with many fine casters and stone setters through the years, the care and control that we have when it’s done in-house by our own people is irreplaceable.”

The supreme quality of the materials measures up to the supreme quality of the design.  Each detail is meticulously thought through, and each thought shows. But rather than creating jewelry overwrought with busy details, Rebecca Overman fashions refreshingly subtle jewelry, letting the beauty of the materials shine through. Because of its natural feel and its simplicity, it is the kind of jewelry you can wear everyday:  “The goal of Rebecca Overmann jewelry is to create incredibly special pieces for our customers who value thoughtful design and fine craftsmanship.”

Whether for daily wear or special occasion, a gift for someone else or a gift for yourself, you cannot go wrong with a piece of Rebecca Overmann jewelry.

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Rebecca Overmann 14kt yellow gold ring with natural diamonds.
Rebecca Overmann 14kt yellow gold ring with naturally colored diamonds.
Rebecca Overmann Stripe Studs
Rebecca Overmann 14kt yellow gold studs with white diamonds.
Rebecca Overmann Crescent Moon Necklace
Rebecca Overmann 14kt yellow gold necklace with naturally colored diamonds.

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