Where Ocean Meets Mountains: Nature-Inspired Jewelry

As a jewelry store nestled in the Rocky Mountains, we are constantly interacting with nature.  In the summer, we love to open our door and welcome in the mountain breeze as well as the adventurous tourists strolling through Vail Village.  It may come as no surprise then to find out that many of our designers use nature as inspiration for their jewelry.

Designer Sarah Graham recently moved to Colorado from San Francisco.  Most recently, she released a line called “Aspen,” drawn from the aspen forests near her new home town.  Before “Aspen,” she released a line of ocean-inspired jewelry inspired by her time in San Francisco.  In her jewelry, and in our store, ocean meets mountains.

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Italian designer Federica Rettore spends every August with her family on the island of Sardinia.  Here, she draws inspiration from natural materials such as coral, sea-worn rock, and mollusks.  “We spend many hours of the day on our boat enjoying the rock formations of the sea walls,” she says, “In the evening, as the sun sets, the sky turns a beautiful shade of gold and red.  The stone walls around the sea glow with color.” Her jewelry reflects the dynamic colors and textures in and around the ocean.  As a jewelry designer, she aims to do more than make jewelry that’s fashionable or pretty.  “How can we frame the sound of the sea? How can we tie to the finger the joy of living? Or how can we . . . make out of each jewel a perfect match with art and nature?”


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Inspiration materializes in many forms.  Stephen Webster, who also carries a line of ocean-inspired jewelry, takes it to a more literal level with edgy statement pieces.  From a crab to a shark jaw, Webster brings a unique element of interest to his designs.

stephen_webster_jewelry_11570557-500x500 stephen_webster_jewelry_11570332-500x500 stephen_webster_11570484-500x500

Whatever form it takes, nature is the heart of our store.  We sell jewelry made of natural minerals and gemstones, and our designers draw from the world around them to create distinctive pieces that you would be hard-pressed to find anywhere else.

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